FVCI is an advanced PASS-THRU device researched and developed by FCAR. This product is designed with three ARM microprocessors, which makes its processing capacity and extensibility stronger, and enables it to support the OEM software better. It supports J2534-1 protocol completely and incorporates many optional features published in J2534-2. It will support other protocols for free later. In addition, the hardware of FVCI supports multiple communication modes of DOIP protocol, and any combination of Ethernet(tx_+, tx_-, rx_+, rx_-) and active line in OBD2 is viable, except for ground pins and power pins.

l       High-end PASSTHRU flagship product, made from superior materials, with high instrument accuracy, completely supports J2534 protocol.

l       Creatively designed with 3independent ARM microprocessors, powerful performance, better support for the OEM software, and strong extensibility.

l       Supports 3 variousautomobile communication protocols (CAN, single wire CAN, KWP, PWM, VPW, SCI, etc.) to run simultaneously, without interference.

l       Supports multiple communication modes of DOIP protocoland any combination of pins during Ethernet port converting to OBD port.

l       Aluminum alloy shell, non-slip design, high-quality communication cable.

Communication protocol






Single wire CAN(Three)



Ethernet port converts to OBD2

Local area network of FVCI converts to OBD2

Program voltage port

A variable 5-20V voltage supply, 0.04v step forward

Analog input

15 pins port

Vehicle port

26 pins port communicatesto vehicle, compliant to ISO 22900-1 MVCI physical layer

Update pin

Used for updatingfirmware

DC interface

12v power supply